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Australia’s population forecast to explode by whopping 12 million over next 30 years

A lot has been said this week about immigration and Australia’s booming population. 

Both former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Senator Jim Molan have strongly expressed their support for cutting immigration numbers.

Mr Abbott proposed a rapid cut from the current level of 190,000 to 110,000, linking the issue to clogged infrastructure and soaring house prices.

The federal government’s leading infrastructure agency, Infrastructure Australia, has found the nation’s population will grow by up to 12 million in the next 30 years.

Mark Levy speaks with Philip Davies, CEO of Infrastructure Australia to find out how Australia will cope with such a massive influx.

“One of the recommendations we call for is that the federal government clearly has a role to play.

“We’re going to see most of the population growth in our four major capital cities, so the Commonwealth’s got a role to play.

“There’s a great opportunity here for other cities to actually look at how they can attract more people to move to their cities and how can we benefit from the infrastructure these cities have.”

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