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Australian youth lurching left: 58% of millennials favour socialism

Image: Socialist Alliance

Many Millennials believe capitalism has failed and socialism is a better economic system.

A poll conducted for the Centre for Independent Studies shows 59% of those born between 1980 and 1996, think government should exercise more control of the economy.

The Centre’s Tom Switzer tells Alan Jones many young people are ignorant to events of the past.

“Millennials here are not necessarily to blame, although they have a lot of information at their fingertips.

“But I don’t blame them, I think much of the fault of this incomprehension among the youth clearly lies with our education.”

Overall view of socialism

58% favourable. 18% unfavourable. 25% don’t know.

Capitalism has failed and government should exercise more control of the economy

59% agree. 25% disagree. 16% don’t know.

Ordinary workers are worse off today than they were 40 years ago

62% agree. 32% disagree. 6% don’t know.

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