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Australian Warfighters Coffee: The organisation offering veterans ‘brewed therapy’

Most of us will never come close to the hardships experienced when at war.

But for some incredibly very brave men and women, it’s their life.

Our soldiers risk their lives to protect others, but too often, we hear stories about returned service men and women not receiving enough support.

Not only do many of them carry the physical scars of war, they also carry emotional and mental ones too.

PTSD, anxiety and depression are all to common among our veterans.

Now, one non-profit organisation is offering a unique kind of assistance.

Australian Warfighters Coffee, offers “brewed therapy”.

The proceeds of any coffee sold go towards helping re-skill veterans and providing support.

Ian Rawson, himself a veteran who suffers from PTSD, founded the initiative just over a year ago.

After suffering for years, he decided to start a project to keep himself busy, but also something that would help others in a similar situation to himself.

In some of the cafes, they train veterans to be baristas to help them re-engage with the community and work as part of a team.