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Australian ‘Picasso’ makes million dollar gift for the Queen

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An Australian man has designed and commissioned a ‘Royal Egg’ for the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Described as the ‘Picasso of carriage makers’, and a former employee of the Royal household, Jim Frecklington was commissioned to build the Royal coach Britannia for her Majesty.

The coach incorporated historical artifacts and timber segments from across England including from the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Mr Frecklington’s newest masterpiece is an egg made in the Fabergé style that’s just been on display at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

It’s worth $1 million and incorporates 200 diamonds, 800 pearls and is made from 18 karat gold – most of which is from Peaks Hill, near Dubbo.

The inspiration behind the design is the Queen’s coronation, taking in elements of her dress, crown and the countries of her United Kingdom.

Inside the egg is a four-inch miniature diamond jubilee state coach.

Mr Frecklington joins Alan Jones, revealing the egg’s current location, “right now it’s in a vault in England.”

He’s hoping to present it as a gift to the Royal Family, on behalf of the Commonwealth.

“What I am looking at doing is finding a suitable benefactor who may wish to present it to her Majesty… I think she set such a wonderful example for humanity.”

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Mr Frecklington is urging potential benefactors to contact Alan’s show at

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