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Australian cooking icon Stephanie Alexender releases a second essential guide

It’s been 20 years since Australian cooking icon Stephanie Alexender released the Cook’s Companion, dubbed the “cook’s bible”.

Now, she’s releasing another essential guide, but this one’s for the newbies.

With over 300 recipes, it details a whole range of techniques and skills for those who might not know the difference between vanilla essence and vanilla extract or the best way to prepare couscous.

“It’s the book is every novice cook needs,” says Chris Smith.

Stephanie tells Chris The Cook’s Apprentice is the child to the Cook’s Companion.

“It’s genuinely meant to be for people who are interested in eating well, are interested in food but for some reason or another, have never really got past being stymied by an instruction.”

She says having the know-how on small things like whether it’s necessary to preheat an oven is so important in getting people cooking in their own kitchens.

“Success is what keeps people going… when something works well, they have another go.”

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