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Australian beekeeping industry under threat following bushfire season

Australia’s honey industry is under threat after recent bushfires wreaked havoc on some beekeeping businesses.

Hive + Wellness Australia is asking for urgent assistance from the federal government after beekeepers across Queensland, NSW and Victoria were hit hard by recent bushfires.

To scope out the extent of the damage, CEO at Hive + Wellness Australia Dr Ben McKee visited a number of bushfire-hit areas, particularly in the Northern Tablelands and the Blue Mountains.

He tells Janine Perrett the situation for beekeepers is worse than he expected.

“We know that it’s going to be a couple honey seasons away before we start getting normal conditions.”

Dr McKee also shares that Hive + Wellness aim to help affected businesses survive.

“Our goal of course is to make sure these businesses are sustainable, they can get through these drought and bushfire periods and come out the other side.”

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Image: Getty/Carla Gottgens