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Aussie scientists may have discovered the solution to obesity

Michael McLaren

Australia has become one of the fattest countries in the world with two-thirds of us overweight or obese.

That’s 11 million adults and 1.2 million children!

Sugar seems to be enemy number one with many doctors and politicians spruiking a sugar tax as the fix.

But what if there’s another way that doesn’t involve hitting the back pocket?

Australian scientists believe they’ve developed a substance that could tackle the crisis head-on.

It’s called nucane.

It’s claimed the product looks and tastes like sugar, but is low GI and relatively healthy.

Right now it’s being trialled in ice cream, flavoured milks, breads and even chocolate.

Dr David Kannar lost his brother to Type 2 diabetes while he was creating nucane.

He tells Michael McLaren, “sugar is actually the solution to sugar.”

“All we’ve really done simply is leave it as an unrefined product so it looks and tastes and is actually raw sugar.

“It’s just a consistent raw sugar.

“Why can’t you just leave it as a raw product and it turns out to be a lot better for you… decreasing the risk of diabetes.”

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