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Aussie kids’ health and fitness in decline

New Australian research has found children aren’t as fit as they used to be.

According to the Menzies Institute, Aussie kids can’t jump as far as they used to, losing 16 centimetres since 1985.

Dr Michael Noetel, Sport and Performance Expert at Australian Catholic University told Deborah Knight the study is “really concerning” and highlights the overall health implications for children.

“It’s consistent with a pattern we’ve seen for years where kids, they can’t run as far as their parents, they can’t jump as far… and as a result, they’re really lacking on the health that their parents had at the same age.

“Kids are also more overweight and obese than they were, that just comes down to the fact kids are eating more than they used to.

“They’re getting enough nutrition to get tall, but they’re also getting… too much nutrition and starting to get wide as well.”

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