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Aussie drama delves into the mystery of Australia’s most secretive facility


Pine Gap is one of Australia’s most secretive and mysterious military bases, located smack bang in the centre of Australia.

Until now…

A new six-part drama, Pine Gap, delves into the facility, described as one of the world’s most important joint surveillance hubs.

It showcases the famously strong alliance between Australia and the US and is wrapped in politics and tension.

Stephen Curry, famous for his role as Dale in Aussie cult classic The Castle,  plays Australian Mission Director Jacob Kitto and he tells John Stanely the story behind the series is fascinating.

“[Pine Gap] is where all of the satellite images are verified for the central corridor of the world; Australia, Asia, the Middle East.

“All of those satellite images, anything that happens in a geopolitics sense from the United States is all verified and monitored and actioned through the centre of Australia.”

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