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Brisbane company wins $100m ammunition deal

Australian weapons manufacturer NIOA has been awarded a $100m federal ammunition contract, in a major win for local manufacturing.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne talks with Steve Price about awarding the deal.

“Today we’re announcing that we’re going to source $100-million worth of ammunition from NIOA, which is a Brisbane-based business, as a test.

“Then we’ll be able to source these large munitions for howitzers, they’re 155mm, from NIOA in the future.

“This will lead to hundreds of millions of dollars of ammunition being sourced here in Australia, by an Australian-owned business, rather than being sourced overseas.”

Mr Pyne also discussed Labor’s refusal to stand down Senator Katy Gallagher and MP David Feeney, who are unable to prove they renounced UK citizenship before the 2016 election.

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