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Asylum seeker allegedly caught with child abuse material

An asylum seeker detained in a Brisbane detention facility has allegedly been caught with child abuse material.

Queensland police raided the Kangaroo Point facility where the male detainee was being held and located child abuse material. The man has been charged with possessing and distributing child exploitation material.

Acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge told Ray Hadley Border Force officers cannot directly intervene when detainees are caught doing illegal activities.

“At the moment they can literally see a man using his mobile phone to distribute child exploitation materials but have no powers to be able to remove that mobile phone.

“We’ve seen literally people with drugs in their hands and no capacity to seize those drugs.

“They have to call the police in and that can take, in this instance it took 24 hours.”

Mr Tudge says it is “ridiculous” and is working to change the laws to give more powers to the Border Force commissioners, however, Labor and the Greens are trying to block them.

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Image: Nine News