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Archbishop gets home detention for protecting paedophile priest

Macquarie National News

Image: News Corp/Andrew Hough

Former Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson has avoided jail for covering up child sex abuse by a pedophile priest in the NSW Hunter region.

In May, the 67-year-old was found guilty of concealing the repeated sexual abuse of two altar boys by paedophile priest Jim Fletcher in the 1970s.

Last month he was sentenced to a maximum of 12 months jail, with Magistrate Robert Stone delaying a decision on home detention.

The sentence sparked fury, with one victim telling Macquarie Media Court Reporter Gil Taylor, “We get life, he gets home detention. It’s disgusting”.

Now Magistrate Stone has decided to allow the former Archbishop to serve his 12-month custodial sentence in home detention rather than behind bars.

Mr Stone said a report by the Gosford Community Corrections office found Wilson was suitable for home detention.



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Macquarie National News