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Anthony Seibold wants to become a voice for change against online bullying

Former NRL coach Anthony Seibold says he wants to become a voice for change when it comes to bullying and trolling online in the future.

It comes after the 46-year-old was subject to some vicious online rumours involving him and his family midway through his coaching tenure with Brisbane earlier this year.

Seibold had to employ the help of a legal team and cyber security experts to find the people behind the rumours which were being disseminated across social media.

He told The Continuous Call Team the rumours had been circulating for weeks before he was made aware of them.

“One of the most disappointing things is apparently the rumours were going around for a couple of weeks and no-one told me,” Seibold said.

“No-one told me from the club, no-one spoke to me.

“It was actually a friend of mine who’s a barrister at my daughter’s school here in Sydney and he actually gave me a call.

“We had lost five or six games in a row and then we beat the Bulldogs and I remember getting in my car and having a text message to give him a call.

“He said I just thought I need to let you know that there’s some really bad rumours going around on social media about you and he said have you heard about it and I hadn’t.

“So that’s how I heard of it.”

The Continuous Call Team’s Erin Molan has also been privately lobbying the government to toughen its stance on online bullying after years of relentless and vile online threats.

You can catch the full story on 60 Minutes on Channel Nine on Sunday night.


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