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Anthony Albanese ‘too sentimental’ for top job says former political friend

In his new memoir ‘The Insider’, Christopher Pyne reveals the world of political factions and bipartisan alliances.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is one of his “good friends” from the other side of the aisle, the former Defence Minister and House leader told Deborah Knight.

However, their friendship wasn’t enough for Mr Pyne to endorse the Opposition leader over Scott Morrison as preferred PM.

Mr Albanese, he said, is a “a tremendous guy” but doesn’t live up to the Paul Keating/John Howard model of tough leadership.

“The thing about being PM, despite the fact that most people wouldn’t want to admit it, is the Australian voter wants somebody who is going to be tough and at times ruthless.

“It means you’re not always going to be able to look after your friends.

“That’s a long way of saying I think Anthony Albanese might be a bit too sentimental to be the Prime Minister.

“Scott Morrison has the tough-minded approach that means he can be the leader in good times and bad.”

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