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Anthony Albanese insists Prime Minister take responsibility on border closures

The National Labor Party leader is calling on the Prime Minister to accept responsibility for issues relating to state borders.

Anthony Albanese told 4BC Breakfast Host Neil Breen that the recent QLD border issues should have been coordinated by the national cabinet.

“I do wonder why it is that the Prime Minister pretends he has no say in any of this, he chairs national cabinet.”

Neil Breen asked Mr Albanese if he believes the government has become dysfunctional.

“Do you believe leadership has gone along party lines rather than national lines of us all fighting a pandemic together?” Breen asked.

“Well it’s not national and it’s not a cabinet. If the Prime Minister is saying that somehow the Australian government don’t control Australian borders of who flies in and how many, then that’s just absurd,” Mr Albanese said.

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