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Andrew Denton reveals the importance of his famous blue chairs

Iconic Australian interviewer Andrew Denton has chatted to Chris Smith about how important his famous blue chairs are to his show.

Andrew is known as one of Australia’s best interviewers, and his show Interview uses a very specific kind of chair.

Chris Smith wanted to know just how important those iconic chairs are.

It turns out, they’re more important than everything else!

“The chairs are everything, in fact, the guests really get in the way of the chairs in my opinion! Often I’m thinking ‘please move, I’m trying to look at the chair.’”

Andrew even asks Chris to stand up so he can see what kind of chair he sits on.

“I don’t even have arms on this chair, and there’s a bit of chewing gum on this chair! That’s the pecking order in this place,” says Chris.

“Presumably Alan has a throne!” responds Andrew.

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