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Andrew Bolt takes aim at Julie Bishop’s use of taxpayer funds

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is in hot water today after her use of taxpayer funds didn’t pass the pub test.

Ms Bishop claimed $32,000 in taxpayer-funded family travel for her boyfriend David Panton but didn’t disclose his financial interests on the parliamentary register as Mr Panton isn’t her “spouse” or “de facto” partner.

Under parliamentary rules, spouses and de facto partners must be listed in an MP’s parliamentary register of interests but because Ms Bishop doesn’t live with Mr Panton, she dodged doing so.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith it’s just wrong.

“A few weeks ago we had Barnaby Joyce saying that he didn’t breach the ministerial code of conduct… by giving his lover a taxpayer-funded job because she wasn’t then his partner.

“Now we’re told by Julie Bishop, well, her partner isn’t her partner either on the grounds that he doesn’t actually live in her home.

“So he is a partner in the sense that she can claim $32,000 of travel for him because he’s a long time boyfriend.  He goes with her to the UN even.

“That’s a partner relationship in the common sense view of just about every Australian I suspect.”

Mr Bolt says there’s a reason parliamentary regulations exist.

“I think she’s trying to have it both ways and I think it is wrong.”

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