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Andrew Bolt: Malcolm Turnbull is out for complete revenge

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and his successor Scott Morrison are locked in a war of words.

Speaking to Alan Jones this morning, the Prime Minister accused Mr Turnbull of exceeding “his brief” while representing the government at a climate change conference in Bali.

Mr Morrison said the former PM was there to attend the summit, not to use the trip to talk about trade and foreign policy.

Mr Turnbull quickly took to Twitter, refuting the Prime Minister’s claims.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith he thinks Malcolm Turnbull is “out for complete revenge”.

“Why Scott Morrison didn’t see his coming months ago and say, ‘Sunshine, you’re not going anywhere on my behalf that’s it. It’s over between you and me’…

“I think Scott Morrison should, from the very start, have said what he’s refused to say; why Malcolm Turnbull was dumped.

“Malcolm Turnbull was dumped because he was a loser who’d lost 23 months of polling… and had taken the party too far to the left.

“If Morrison had given that explanation, that would have answered a few queries that Labor’s been taunting him with.”

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Mr Turnbull has been invited on the ABC, for a special Q&A episode next Thursday.

Andrew is wondering why Tony Abbott didn’t get a similar call when he was ousted as PM.

“I asked Tony Abbott yesterday, ‘When you were dumped as prime minister, did the ABC come running to you and say, ‘Tony, we want to do a whole Q&A show, just you?’

“He said, ‘Funny, no. I would have liked that’.”