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Andrew Bogut tears strips off NRL’s plan to axe grand finals for kids

Australian basketball star Andrew Bogut has weighed into the debate regarding the NRL’s plan to significantly change how kids play the game.

The NRL has proposed a series of changes to the game to encourage player participation, including that children under the age of 12 will not compete in finals.

Andrew Bogut, who is a keen follower of rugby league, tells Mark Levy making the sport less competitive for kids is completely ridiculous.

“There are a lot of life lessons within sport. There’s a lot of life lessons whether you win by 50 or lose by 50. But to say that it affects your confidence and whatnot, I don’t believe that.

“Whenever we got walloped in juniors it made me work even harder.

“We might as well start preparing kids early to learn how to respectfully win and learn how to respectfully lose.”

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Bogut also praises Sydney Kings coach Will Weaver, telling Mark he has nothing but respect for him.

“He’ll be an NBA coach one day. It’s just a matter of when and how long it takes. He has the exact temperament you need.

“He’s very, very honest and forthright but he’s not disrespectful in any way.”


Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer