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AMA pleads for health education to battle growing anti-vaxxer movement

The Australian Medical Association has proposed a public health education program to combat the anti-vaxxer movement.

AMA Vice President Dr Chris Zappala told Deborah Knight the growing traction of the movement is “worrying”.

“I’m all for patients having information to make their own informed choices, but critical in that is that the information that they’re basing their decisions on is accurate and true.

“That’s why, if people have any concerns around vaccination they need to have a chat about it with their general practitioner and not listen to all these false and misleading reports in social media.

“Please be reassured that vaccinations are very safe, very effective and an important tool in managing infectious diseases.”

Dr Zappala said it is dangerous to look to anecdotal evidence, as celebrity chef Pete Evans has done, and argues that these cases need to be objectively and scientifically looked into.

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