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Albo’s ‘snap-back’ warning over JobKeeper, JobSeeker

4BC Breakfast host Neil Breen has questioned Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese about his stance on JobSeeker and JobKeeper.

“There is a debate over JobSeeker and JobKeeper beyond September. What is your position with regards to keeping those going?” Breen asked.

Mr Albanese said we can’t have “snap-back” and end it immediately on the date that it’s schedule to at the end of September.

“In Queensland there is 652,000 (people) affected, and what it would mean is ripping out close to a billion dollars every fortnight, $975 million from Queenslanders alone,” Mr Albanese said.

He went on to say that doing so would have a devastating impact on the economy.

“We need to recognise wage subsidies were put in place for a reason to keep people in employment and the economy hasn’t just snapped back to the way it was.”

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