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Alan Jones tells the story of his private dinner with Neil Armstrong

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This Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon.

At 12.56pm AEST, Neil Armstrong took that monumental step onto the lunar surface and uttered those immortal words.

But it was his words almost 40 years later that have stuck with Alan Jones.

He was lucky enough to have a private, one-on-one dinner with the Apollo 11 mission commander before his death in 2012.

Ahead of this week’s anniversary, Alan recalls the events of the moon landing and his fascinating conversation with the famous astronaut.

“He was a gentle, quietly spoken man with a shock of white hair,” says Alan.

“I told him that I’d ask him, if he didn’t mind, a lot of dumb questions.”

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Alan also delved into the true story of how the world was able to watch Neil Armstrong’s famous moonwalk.

The movie The Dish claims it was the Parkes telescope which transmitted the world-changing images.

But in reality it was a small telescope at Honeysuckle Creek, near Canberra.

Alan speaks with author of Honeysuckle Creek, Andrew Tink, about his book which reveals the true story behind Australia’s involvement in the mission.

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