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Alan Jones tells Energy Minister some home truths: ‘You’ve sold your political soul’

Alan Jones has known Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg for more than 20 years but he’s had enough.

He’s had enough of the renewable energy industry being propped up, he’s had enough of coal-fired power being slandered into submission and he’s had enough of everyday Australians being crippled by skyrocketing power prices.

Alan invited Mr Frydenberg into the studio to tell him some home truths and to get answers on behalf of taxpayers.

“I’ve known you for some time. My judgement of you is that you’ve sold your political soul for the sake of ministerial office.

“You don’t believe this global warming stuff, you don’t believe we can survive on renewable energy, you know that coal-fired power will be the source of our energy needs for years to come.

“But, you’ve swallowed this left-wing, Labor Party, Greens rhetoric. Why?”

Mr Frydenberg rejected the accusations levelled at him.

“Well, Alan that’s not true. I’ve always rejected the reckless responses to climate change, but I’ve never rejected the science.”

“Man is contributing to the warming of our climate. We are 1.3% of the world’s emissions.”

Alan, “How wonderful to stuff up the economy for the sake of 1.3% of the world’s emissions.”

The Energy Minister also insists he isn’t against the building of coal-fired power plants, but says gas is the real issue.

“If somebody wanted to build a coal-fired power plant then bring that on.

“But this is the point, our gas intervention that Malcolm Turnbull led last year has actually seen the wholesale price of gas come down by up to 50%.”

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Alan tells the minister nobody believes the government has lowered electricity prices