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Alan Jones reveals the truth behind Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg

This morning Josh Frydenberg thought it would be a good idea to mock and laugh at former Prime Minister Tony Abbott on national television.

Well, he may live to regret that decision.

Alan Jones has had enough of the Energy Minister’s duplicitous and smarmy behaviour, revealing the truth behind Mr Frydenberg.

“Josh Frydenberg and I have known each other for a long time.

“Josh, you are arguing renewable energy because you wanted a job with Turnbull. You were prepared to suck up to whatever Turnbull said and that got you the big job, Minister for Energy.

“But you sold yourself out to get the job.

“You told me and agreed with me on the front lawn of your house that the global warming stuff was rubbish.

“You told me that on the front lawn of your house, Josh.

“Don’t come with this nonsense now.”

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