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Alan Jones puts $500m flood plan to Treasurer Frydenberg: ‘What is your response?’

The Treasurer concedes the Queensland flood crisis is enormous but wouldn’t be drawn on a plan to fully compensate farmers. 

It’s estimated around 500,000 cattle have died, millions of dollars of machinery has been destroyed and thousands of kilometres of fencing washed away.

Disaster relief payments of up to $1000 are available but farmers say it’s not enough to keep them afloat.

Alan Jones has asked Treasurer Josh Frydenberg if he would consider committing $500 million dollars towards and full and complete compensation of farmers.

“Why can’t you give a 100 per cent compensation to farmers in North Queensland, and that may total $500 million?

“This would have a flow-on effect and a cost-benefit analysis would indicate that the benefits would be greater than the cost.

“What is your response?” asks Alan.

Treasurer Frydenberg wouldn’t be drawn on the plan but says the government is treating the disaster as a priority.

“This is a horrific set of events and the people there in Queensland are suffering greatly.

“The Prime Minister is on the ground now speaking to the local communities.

“Our first priority right now is to give people the assistance they need and you’re right, there does need to be a rebuild.

“33,000 claims for disaster payments have already been processed.”

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Shocking vision of the flood devastation at Cloncurry

Brigadier Steve Jobson tells Ray Hadley it’s been “a very significant disaster”.

“Many of the cattle producers up here have lost vast quantities of their cattle which has made things clearly very difficult for them and their families and their employees and the entire community.

“Ray, you can be assured though there is hope. The Australia Defence Force is here, we are shoulder to shoulder with these families.

“I can assure all Australians, all of your listeners, that they, through the Australian Defence Force, that they are right beside these families here in a great time of need.”

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