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Alan Jones hits back at the Treasurer’s ‘gaffe of the year’

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Alan Jones says the Treasurer’s comments about older Australians will go down as the “gaffe of the year”.

Josh Frydenberg is defending himself after delivering a speech encouraging ageing Aussies to retrain and stay in the workforce for longer.

Callers have flooded the openline since, explaining just how hard it is to get an interview when you’re over 60, let alone a job.

Others are labelling the comments as straight forward ageism.

The Treasurer defended himself in an interview with Steve Price, saying he’s “very proud of the contribution that senior Australians are making to the economy”.

But Alan Jones says he’s out of touch.

“The gaffe, the own goal, of the month or the year… Josh Frydenberg warning the ageing population that they are an economic time bomb.

“He may not have meant what he said but that’s the risk you run when you allow the bureaucrats to write your speeches and they’re not your ideas.”

National Seniors Australia Chief Advocate Ian Henschke tells Alan, “we have to raise [the issue] every day”.

“This is like racism, this is like sexism, this is actually ageism and we’ve got to call it out.”

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