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Alan Jones expecting Tokyo 2020 to be ‘one of the great Olympic Games’

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As Tokyo gears up to host the 2020 Olympic Games, Alan Jones is confident they will deliver one of the greatest Olympics in history.

Alan has taken his show to Tokyo for the Rugby World Cup and is loving the Japanese way of life.

He says there’s “no city in the world more suitable to host an Olympic Games”.

Alan spoke with the Project Director of International Communication for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Tatsuo Ogura, to get an insight into how the preparations are going.

The Games will, of course, feature Japan’s famous love of technology, including facial recognition.

“We will use a facial recognition system for the venues to identify those people who have accreditation,” says Mr Ogura.

“It’s going to make for smoother access to the venues for those athletes, team members and staff members.”

The Olympics will also be staffed by a team of “human support robots”, who will help spectators to their seats and aid those with limited mobility.

“Those people who are in wheelchairs can get drinks and food easily by using the robots.”

There’s also a big focus on sustainability, with medals made from recycled materials and the athletes’ beds from highly durable cardboard.

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