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Alan Jones’ everyday issue saw ‘the openline go into meltdown’

An everyday issue Alan Jones has been dealing with has sent the openline into meltdown.

But now, we appear to have a solution… for everyone.

Alan has been getting terrible mobile phone reception at his property south of Sydney.

He asked his Executive Producer Paul if he should mention it on-air and see if listeners are having the same problem.

“Paul said if you want the openline to go into meltdown, mention it on air.

“Paul was right… meltdown!” says Alan.

“The response was unbelievable. The calls overwhelmed us here.”

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So, Alan turned to the man who knows more about technology than anyone else in Australia.

EFTM founder Trevor Long explains to Alan and his listeners how you anyone can fix their mobile phone reception issues.

“No telco has 100 per cent coverage, they just can’t guarantee it and they never will.

“But I guarantee you, for most of those calls that you had, there will be a solution.”

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