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Alan Jones and Tony Abbott join forces to launch new anti-PC book

Alan Jones and Tony Abbott will help launch a new book today that explores the rise in political correctness in Australia.

How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia; Enemies Within and Without is a response to the threat posed by the cultural-left to Western civilisation.

Its author Dr Kevin Donnelly AM is one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors and a staunch defender of Australian and western culture.

The book delves into “the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, Safe Schools, same-sex marriage and the LGBTQI sexuality and gender agenda, what it means to be Australian and much more”.

Alan Jones was asked to write the foreword and will launch the book alongside former Prime Minister Tony Abbott today.

Alan recommends the book as “compulsory reading” if our future generations are to prosper.

“Every parent should read this book.”

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