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Airbus to axe A380 superjumbo as largest buyer reduces order

Europe’s Airbus says it will scrap production of the A380 superjumbo, abandoning its dream of dominating the skies with a cruiseliner.

It comes after years of lacklustre sales.

The world’s largest airliner, with two decks of spacious cabins and room for 544 people in a standard layout, was designed to challenge Boeing’s legendary 747.

But it failed to take hold as airlines backed a new generation of smaller, more nimble jets.

Emirates – the largest A380 customer – decided to reduce its orders for the iconic superjumbo and order a total of 70 of the smaller models.

In a statement, Airbus said the last A380 would be delivered in 2021.

Former Emirate A380 pilot James Nixon weighs in on the news.

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