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Aged care crisis sparks renewed scrutiny of ‘system errors’

With the aged care crisis deepening in Victoria, the Australian Medical Association is calling for urgent risk checks and more federal aid.

More than 760 of the state’s active COVID-19 cases relate to outbreaks in aged care facilities, and 39 residents have died.

AMA Vice President Dr Chris Zappala told Deborah Knight the pandemic has “heightened and significantly exacerbated” preexisting concerns around aged care.

Only a fifth of aged care workers nationally have completed the PPE online training provided by the federal government, which Dr Zappala says is further evidence of “system errors”.

“We need good leadership and coordination now, with appropriate planning, medical input, and people putting up their hand.

“We need to get a coordinated response in, so we get the right people: we don’t leave the public hospitals bereft either.”

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