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Advocates push to keep child murderers and sex predators behind bars for life

Victims of crime advocates are calling for child killers to be jailed for life to keep the community safe.

The debate has been sparked after Queensland man Rick Thorburn was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years behind bars for murdering his 12-year-old foster daughter Tiahleigh Palmer.

Founder of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston says 20 years isn’t nearly enough and more needs to be done to protect victims of crime.

“We need continuing detention,” Hetty tells Ben Fordham.

“When they get to the end of their sentence they’re going to be released.

“This is a calculated, pre-meditated murder. Anybody that can do that… this is not someone that’s ever going to be safe in our community.

“Whether it’s a child murderer or whether it’s a sex predator, we have to be thinking about sentences in terms of dangerousness to the community.”

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