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‘Absolutely fruitcake stuff’: The ‘bizarre’ reason a politician changed the colour of Comcars

Ben Fordham has been left dumbfounded after a senior minister explained why he personally changed the colour of government cars.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has said he personally intervened to change the colour of the new fleet of taxpayer-funded Comcars from white to dark grey.

When questioned in the Senate, Mr Cormann provided the reason for the change.

“The white colour, in my mind, reflects a bit of a colonial past that we’ve moved on from and I think the colour chosen for the Comcars is a better reflection of a modern, forward-looking Australia,” he said.

Ben Fordham couldn’t believe his ears.

“What are you on, Mathias Cormann?!

“How can you honestly say that the colour white on a motor vehicle reflects our colonial past. It’s just the colour of a car!

“That is absolutely fruitcake stuff, bizarre in the extreme.”

Click PLAY to hear Mathias Cormann’s explanation for the change and Ben’s full comments

After Ben raised the issue on his show, Mr Cormann has issued an apology, claiming he was joking all along.

He says the colour was chosen to provide a “more contemporary-looking fleet”. (See full statement below)

Listen above to hear for yourself and decide whether the finance minister was indeed joking.

Full statement below:

“It was a clumsy attempt at a light hearted comment which I regret.

“The colour of the COMCAR fleet was changed from white to dark grey because it was felt that colour provided for a more contemporary looking fleet, which better aligned with vehicles from other agencies supporting Guest of Government services and major events programs and because it is expected to provide good resale opportunities at the end of the lease.”


Image: Sydney Morning Herald/Alex Ellinghausen