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EXCLUSIVE | ‘A reprehensible human being’: Peta Credlin tears into Malcolm Turnbull over memoir

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is under fire over his account of the 2018 leadership spill as told in his new book ‘A Bigger Picture’.

In the tell-all memoir, the ex-PM launches scathing allegations against his former colleagues, including his successor Scott Morrison.

Chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott Peta Credlin, who was also mentioned in the book, weighed in on Mr Turnbull’s actions ahead of his book’s release to the public next Monday.

“No one misses him,” she tells Ben Fordham, accusing the former leader of choosing an inappropriate time to release the memoir.

She tells Ben her opinion of Mr Turnbull’s actions in the interview, saying “He has no moral compass.”

“I’ve never met a more reprehensible human being.”

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Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Bronwyn Bishop was equally disparaging in her opinions about the former PM and his authorial ventures.

“Turnbull was a disaster,” she tells Ben Fordham.

“He brought the socialist virus into the Liberal party, and that legacy is still something we’ve got to deal with.”

Mrs Bishop dismissed the claims leveled at her former colleagues in the memoir, instead attacking Mr Turnbull’s record on foreign policy and climate change.

“The bottom line is this: we have to remember not what he wrote in some book, but what in fact he did.”

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