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A look inside the World Series revolution

Sporting legend and member of the Australian Football Hall of Fame, Austin Robertson, joined the team at lunch to talk about this new book Cricket Outlaws: Inside Kerry Packer’s World Series Revolution.

Told in first person, the book celebrates the 40th anniversary of the start of the World Series.

“It is the first time the story has been told from the inside,” Austin said.

Staged between 1977 – 1979, the World Series was created from a discussion between Austin and mate Dennis Lillee.

“He told me often the cricketers were doing it tough, getting $7,500 for a whole year’s cricket.

“It came out of our friendship, I took the idea to John Cornell who took the idea to Kerry Packer.

“When I look back at the number of lives world series changed then and still now, really it was the forerunner to IPL, and everything happening in cricket these days.”

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