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‘A long process’: Erin Molan gives update on her horrific injury

Erin Molan has opened up about the awful fall that left her out of action for the last couple of weeks.

The 2GB host and Channel 9 sports presenter has been forced to take time off work after she broke her arm bone entirely off from her shoulder.

Erin was fetching a bottle for her 17-month-old daughter when she fell down the stairs in her home, leaving her in Prince of Wales Hospital for ten days.

She tells Steve Price firefighters came to her rescue because the staircase was so narrow, they struggled to get her out.

Erin says she will be back on the Weekend Edition this week.

“The doctor ensures me that I’m healing and healing well, it will just be a long process.

“I’m lucky, it could have been so much worse.

“I’m just so bloody glad to be back!”

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