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‘A gold medalist in the boring department’: Ben Fordham hits out at deputy PM

Ben Fordham has taken aim at re-elected Nationals leader Michael McCormack, forcing new deputy David Littleproud to defend his ‘boring’ boss.

Mr Littleproud, who today replaced Bridget McKenzie as deputy leader of the Nationals, tells Ben Fordham the party’s upheaval is “done and dusted”.

Ben wasn’t convinced, asking thorny questions about Mr McCormack’s unpopularity among both his party members and the Australian public.

Ben Fordham: “If the National party is a place where you can ‘have it out’ and say it how it is, have you told Michael McCormack that he’s boring?”

David Littleproud: “Well, we’re all a bit boring in some ways.”

Ben Fordham: “I don’t know, you’re not as boring as him. I mean, he could bore for Australia, he’s a gold medalist in the boring department.”

David Littleproud: “Mate, look, we all have different strengths. Obviously what’s most important to people in regional and rural Australia is they get outcomes. They don’t give a rat’s who gives it to them. Some of us do it more colourfully than others.”

Mr Littleproud says Mr McCormack is aware of the need to improve communication, but he remains defensive of his boss.

“He has shown a bit of mongrel in the parliament… but you can’t be someone you’re not. I think if you do that in politics you often get found out.”

“I don’t mean to sound unkind, but I’m paid to call it as I see it, and you are tied to a loser,” Ben shot back.

Mr Littleproud refused to reveal his vote from today’s party meeting, but acknowledged the Nationals “can’t be without” leadership challenger Barnaby Joyce.

“BJ is a force of nature, and I owe him a lot.”

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Image: Getty/Rohan Thomson