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‘A giant oak tree has crashed in the forest’: Alan Jones remembers Bob Hawke

Alan Jones has remembered Bob Hawke as “a wonderful human being” who brought all Australians together.

Labor longest-serving prime minister died on Thursday, aged 89.

Alan borrowed a famous quote from British politics to mark the significance of his passing.

“A giant oak tree has crashed in the forest.”

Known for introducing Medicare and HECS, for his famous America’s Cup speech, for his larrikin spirit and his impressive ability to skoll a beer, Mr Hawke a rare breed of politician who was loved by all Australians.

“His contribution to public life is beyond description in a few short paragraphs,” says Alan.

“No matter your politics, there was an engaging and down to earth quality about Bob Hawke.

“He never separated himself from the battler but he was never ill at ease with the groundbreaker. Truly a man for all seasons.

“He was a wonderful human being.”

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Former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson knew Mr Hawke extremely well, working as his driver as a 22-year-old.

“I think he was an extraordinary man,” he tells Alan.

“It was great to have someone who was just so bloody normal as a prime minister.

Richo shared his “final and abiding observation” on his old mentor saying it’s “one that most people wouldn’t say”.

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