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It’s time to raise your steins, Oktoberfest is on the way!

It’s time to raise your steins and pull on your lederhosens, Australia.

Oktoberfest is only days away.

The German festival, born in 1810, is devoted to the celebration of beer and runs from late September into early October.

The party has travelled down under, with Aussies all over the country getting on board for the love of beer every year.

General Manager of The Bavarians, Roman Haslinger, has told Chris Smith “the tradition of the one-litre beers actually comes from back in the days you were sending the stable boys to the brewery to pick up beer for dinner” and it was meant to be for a group of people and not just one person.

The much-celebrated event isn’t just about the beer, with Roman telling Chris “all food you have on the Oktoberfest… tends to be salty”.

“It’s a good reason to come home and explain why you had to drink two more beers because the food was too salty.”

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