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‘A chaotic disgrace’: Scott Emerson calls out border hypocrisy

Scott Emerson has lashed out at the Queensland government’s border permit system, criticising the criteria for exemptions.

An investigation by A Current Affair exposed the case of a boatload of millionaires allowed to sail into Queensland from Melbourne, now the subject of a criminal investigation.

Earlier in the month, Linfox heir Peter Linfox was found to have been provided a freight and logistics permit, applying as a truckie.

Meanwhile, Scott pointed out, seriously ill New South Welshmen have been turned away at the border, while Queenslanders like brain surgery patient Jayne Brown have been forced to quarantine despite their condition.

“The Palaszczuk government’s exemption system is a chaotic disgrace.

“To me it seems to be one rule for some, and another rule for others.

“One rule for the rich and famous, another for the battlers.”

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Image: Nine News