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“60 plus medical practitioners to a population of 652”: Senator Molan defends Nauru’s offshore detention

A new poll has revealed 80% of people are in favour of accepting Jacinda Ardern’s offer to resettle refugee children and their families on Nauru’s offshore detention to New Zealand.

The YouGov Galaxy poll commissioned by the Sunday Telegraph, seems consistent with a mounting chorus of commentators, including Liberal MP Julia Banks, who have unanimously urged the Coalition to accept New Zealand’s humanitarian deal to remove the group of refugees and asylum seekers from Nauru.

But Senator Jim Molan says the issue is more complicated then meets the eye. Simply evacuating Nauru will not solve the people smuggling problem.

“I saw the poll,” he tells Michael McLaren.

“I’m astounded it’s not 100%. If you ask people whether they want refugee children off Nauru, everyone should say yes. But if you ask the question do you want refugee children off Nauru and then many more will die through the re-engagement of people smuggling into Australia, then maybe you’ll get a different answer.”

“If we bring the 52 children on Nauru back to Australia, I would invite those people to do what the Royal Australian Navy has been doing for years and fish the children’s bodies out of the water.”

Molan sought to allay fears around the healthcare of the children concerned, assuring Australians those on Nauru are being well looked after.

“The illegal maritime arrivals on Nauru are being looked after extraordinarily well.”

“There are 31 medical staff there, including doctors, paramedics, nurses. There are 34 mental health staff on the island, there’s one psych, there are eleven admin staff. The ratio of medical staff to individuals is 1 to 11.”

“You find me one town in this nation which has 60 plus medical practitioners to a population of 652.”

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