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2GB newsreader Natalie Peters tests positive for coronavirus

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2GB newsreader Natalie Peters has been diagnosed with coronavirus after more than a week in isolation since returning from overseas.

Overseas travellers arriving in Australia are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Although Natalie landed before the measures were introduced, she tells Ray Hadley that she had made the right choice to go into self-isolation.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I’m feeling right now that I’ve not been wandering around the streets of Sydney for the past 11 days.”

She developed symptoms in the first week of her isolation and went through a drive-thru test that came back positive.

“I’ve been strict with my isolation and that’s the thing that stops me from making it worse.”

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Nat tells Deborah Knight that a mild case of the disease was worse than she expected.

“At around the day 10 mark things went downhill for me.

“At that point the virus started affecting my lungs and stomach.”

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Sydney News Director Natalie Peters originally spoke to Ray Hadley the day after she landed saying she was surprised at the way airlines were handling travel advice.

“Not one of the flights was there a mention about coronavirus when we got on. There was nothing about washing your hands or what to do if you started showing symptoms over a 12-hour flight. It wasn’t until that medical advice came through an hour before landing that anyone on board said anything official.

“There’s not a lot of information for actual travellers. The customer journey communications need to be stepped up by the airlines.”

On landing in Sydney she was given a sheet on avoiding swine flu, but it is believed travellers are now being provided with a coronavirus information sheet. 

Despite arriving before the ban, she told Ray she would go into self-isolation.

“I’m not showing any symptoms, I don’t have to self-isolate, although, just for the record I’m choosing to this week, just because the virus doesn’t know if its 10pm or midnight.

“My biggest fear is not me getting sick, it’s my parents, and other people like them getting sick. So I’m staying put till I get advice that I’m fine. It feels like the responsible thing to do.”

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Natalie Peters has now tested negative from coronavirus but tells Deborah Knight she still doesn’t feel back to normal.

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