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130,000 jobs to go as economy battles coronavirus

More than a hundred thousand jobs could be cut as the tourism sector expects to be hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Tourism and Transport Forum projects up to 133,000 people will lose their jobs in the tourism sector, with employment expected to fall by 20 per cent.

The report estimates international visitation will be down 40 per cent, January to June, with a loss of 1.8 million visitors.

Australia has extended its China travel ban, triggering an emergency response plan.

Tourism and Transport Forum Australia CEO Margy Osmond tells Janine Perrett the travel ban affects all parts of the country.

“That cashflow issue has been rampant since the bushfire issue started to bite.

“It’s a bit of a misconception to think that our Chinese visitors are just coming to the major cities, that’s not the case.

“So you’ve got a significant double whammy effect in a lot of regional areas.”

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Image: Getty/Kevin Frayer