4BC Shows

4BC Overnights

Luke Bona

Stay informed with 4BC 1116 Brisbane News Talk through-out the early mid-dawn with Luke Bona

4BC Breakfast

Ian and Loretta

4BC Breakfast is the voice of Brisbane, with more local stories and voices that will have our city talking. Tune in with Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan.

4BC Mornings

Patrick Condren

4BC Mornings with Patrick Condren sets the agenda for the day. Mornings brings together the most influential minds in the country.

The Alan Jones Hour


Australia's most popular talkback presenter, Alan Jones is a phenomenon. He's described by many as the nation's greatest orator and motivational speaker.

4BC Afternoons

Clare Blake

4BC Afternoons with Clare Blake shares what's great about our city, and meets the people and places that shape it every day across Brisbane.

4BC Drive

Ben Davis

4BC Drive with Ben Davis gets behind the news, tackling the issues of roads, rates and rubbish head on. Listen every day during your drive home.

4BC Sports Today

Kieran Marsh

4BC Sports Today with Kieran Marsh takes sport to an elite level with some of Brisbane's best sporting minds probing the big stories of the day.

4BC Nights

Walter Williams

4BC Nights with Walter Williams is a smorgasbord of regular voices, story-telling, talkback and music.

4BC Weekend Overnights

4BC logo

4BC Weekend Overnights with Alan Pearsall

4BC Weekend Breakfast

Murray Shoring

4BC Weekend Breakfast: will bring you fantastic local stories along with your favourite gardening and fishing segments.

4BC Weekend Mornings

Chris Adams

Chris Adams presents 4BC Weekend mornings from 9. Chris covers everything in and around Brisbane; from food and wine, travel ideas, things to do, to the news of the week.

4BC Weekend Afternoons

Tim Webster

4BC Weekend Afternoons: Each weekend afternoon, Tim Webster will bring you the latest discussions from around Brisbane.

Saturday Night with Pete Graham

Pete Graham

Saturday Night Live with Pete Graham on 4BC 1116

4BC Weekend Overnights

4BC logo

4BC Weekend Overnights with Alan Pearsall.