Dymock's top-ten Christmas reads

Dymocks Greg Cary Book Club: If you're looking to sink your teeth into a good book over the festive season, then have a look at the Top Ten books of the moment according to Dymocks.

Book review: 'My Uncle Oswald'

My Uncle Oswald 4BC Mornings: A treat for listeners today, as Alex Bernard reviews a book by the famous author Roald Dahl. 'My Uncle Oswald' tells the story of a man who invented the world's most powerful aphrodisiac. This lesser known Dahl classic will have you laughing out loud! Listen now.

Book review: 'Caleb's Crossing'

Caleb's Crossing 4BC Mornings: This week, Alex Bernard reviews, 'Caleb's Crossing', written by Australian Pulitzer Prize winning author, Geraldine Brookes. This book tells the story of the first native American graduate of Harvard.

Princess Margaret: A Biography

Princess Margaret Royal is the buzzword at the moment, and Alex Bernard jumps on the bandwagon with this week's book review on the 4BC Greg Cary Mornings Show. Theo Aronson, renowned Royal biographer, has written an authorised biography on Princess Margaret which highlights her very colourful 'shenanigans'.

Book review: 'Blood Vows'

Blood Vows Alex Bernard joins Ian Maurice on 4BC Mornings to give her latest book review. This week, she tells of Helen Cummings true story detailing her marriage to a man who she thought was a successful doctor, but turned out to have mental problems. The tale recounts her escape from the volatile relationship.

Book review: 'The Wreckage'

The Wreckage Thrills and spills with Alex Bernard and this week's book review on the Greg Cary 4BC Mornings Show. This week's book is by Australian, Michael Robotham, and is called 'The Wreckage'. Set in London and Afghanistan, the story questions and examines the war in the Middle East.

Book review: 'Batavia'

Batavia Peter Fitzsimon's new book 'Batavia' is the subject of this week's review with Alex Bernard. Greg Cary listens in as we find out about the dramatic history of Australia, as Fitzsimons relates this episode in a highly accessible manner. Listen now.

Book Review: The China Garden

The China Garden Dealing with grief is the subject of this week's book review with Alex Bernard on 4BC Mornings. She joins Greg Cary to talk about Brisbane writer, Kristina Olssen's latest book, "The China Garden". A moving story with a vein of humour running through, listen to the review.

Book Review: The Clifton Chronicles

Jeffrey Archer Alex Bernard joins Greg Cary in the 4BC Mornings studio to give her latest book review. This week, Alex Bernard talks about Lord Jeffrey Archer's first of five novels from his latest series, called "The Clifton Chronicles".

Book Review: Wildflower

wildflower Greg Cary on 4BC Mornings is joined by Alex Bernard for her latest book review. 'Wildflower' by Mark Seal is a biography about Joan Root, pioneering conservationist and documentary film maker. Listen for the full review.

Book Review: "Land's Edge"

Land's Edge 4BC Mornings with Greg Cary is joined, in the studio, by Alex Bernard to share her latest weekly book review. This week, it's Tim Winton's turn for appraisal, as Alex talks about his latest novel, "Land's Edge".

Book review: 'The Mint Lawn'

mintlawn Alex Bernard delved into her hidden piles of literature and decided to review 'The Mint Lawn' by Gillian Mears, an Australian author who coincidently grew up in the same town as her. Greg Cary listens in as Alex Bernard talks about the story which is based in her hometown

Book of Rachael

girl 4BC Mornings: What if the man you loved betrayed your brother? Alex Bernard reviews the Book of Rachael by Leslie Cannold. Listen now.


dymocks Thanks to Dymocks Online. More for Booklovers.

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