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No childcare centre will be left behind, Education Minister assures

Most childcare centres have been saved after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a free child care package, but the government is still ironing out the kinks.

Many centres were at risk of closing down as parents withdrew their children and were no longer able to pay, but some have argued the government’s $1.6 billion injection won’t cover all their costs.

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan tells Ray Hadley that they are still working out the finer details, but no one will be left behind.

“We’ve worked very closely with the centres in putting this package together. The package is designed to make sure as many centres as possibly can, will be open right round the nation.

“We’ve had to change the way we’re funding child care in this nation and design a way to do it in the space of days. We understand that it won’t fit every operator out there.”

Mr Tehan says home and family centres haven’t been forgotten and more information will be available shortly.

“They’ll be an essential component as well to get us through this.”

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Former president of Child Care NSW and current childcare centre owner Vicki Skoulogenis tells Ray Hadley the government has made the right move.

“We really need to thank our government, they’ve really thrown us a lifeline, and more importantly parents, our clients now can take a sigh of relief and know their positions are secure.”

“We’re on the verge of… all going to go to the JobSeeker not the JobKeeper situation. We’ve given them a job. It may not look exactly what it did before, but we’re in different times.

“We all need to come together, be patient, and we’ll get through this.”

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