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4BC for Me is back!


Your chance to be a big cash winner is back!

Every weekday from February 10, 4BC is giving you the chance to share in huge cash prizes with “4BC for Me”.

To put yourself in the running, enter your details below – then keep listening to 4BC.

Plus, make sure you’re watching Nine News at 6pm, from Sunday to Thursday, when a special cash codeword will be screened.

We’ll select phone numbers at random from those who have entered, then Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Deb Knight or Ben Fordham could be calling you.

If the person called answers the phone within 15 seconds – and says “4BC for Me” as the first words spoken, they will win $100 cash.

If they do – they’ll then be asked if they know the codeword screened in the Nine News the night before.

If they know that, they’ll win an additional $1,000!

If they don’t know the codeword, the cash jackpots by $1,000 for the next call.

So don’t miss your chance to win CASH!

Keep listening to 4BC – and remember to answer your phone with “4BC for Me”.

And make sure you watch Nine News, Sunday to Thursday at 6pm.

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