Adam Zwar's Lowdown

Adam Zwar 4BC Weekend Nights: Adam Zwar is an actor, writer and the co-creator of the hit tv show Wilfred. Zwar is staring in his second season of Lowdown on the ABC which he was also a creator of, and he joins John Scott on Weekend Nights.

Dr. Harry Cooper

harryp Australia’s Favourite Vet, Dr. Harry has been entertaining and informing audiences for over 30 years. Your typical Country vet, shares his story with John about starting out as a vet, his career in Australia, some of his favourite stories and his plans for the future. A wonderful story teller and talented vet, Dr. Harry is the original and still the best.


Keith Bulfin Keith Bulfin “Undercover” – Former investment banker turned DEA agent has written a novel based on his life working down under. “Undercover” is a chilling novel that delves into the inside workings of Mexican drug cartels and the DEA. He joins 4BC Weekend Nights to talk about his career.

Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley Fresh from his 3 months in Nashville, Tennessee Troy joined John Scott live in the 4BC Weekend Nights studio to discuss his new live album, his family, Nashville and catching up with old friend Keith Urban. Listen now.

Comedy trio

Robbins, Stilson and Molloy "Three men, a microphone and 90 minutes of some of Australia’s best comedy" - this is what Glenn Robbins, Jeff Stilson and Mick Molloy will provide in their latest show at the Brisbane Powerhouse. 4BC Weekend Nights were honoured to speak to the trio about their latest venture.

Lindy Morrison

Lindy Morrison Lindy Morrison, best known as the drummer for Australian indie rock outfit, The Go-Betweens, joins John Scott on the 4BC Weekend Nights Show. Lindy is heavily involved behind the music scene, and John finds out exactly what she is currently involved in, and if she misses playing in the band.

Tania Zaetta

Tani Zaetta John Scott interviews actress, TV host and Charity Founder, Tania Zaetta. The conversation delves into Tania's career, including her time in India and her thoughts on Bollywood. John also asks her about her charity work and trips to war torn Afghanistan. Listen now.

Jon Casimir

Co-Creator of the Gruen Transfer, Jon Casimir shares his fascination with Advertising that has become the hit ABC TV Show and now a new book. John and Jon chat about tricks of the trade and those ads you just cant get out of your head and also how advertising effects every aspect of life(weather we know it or not)