1: Pressure builds on PM Gillard

gillard 4BC Mornings: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to provide a "complete, open and transparent" account of her role in establishing a union slush fund 17 years ago.

2: Cut sugar out

wine 4BC Mornings: What would happen if you cut sugar out of your diet? Author and commentator, Peter Fitzsimons speaks with Greg Cary about how he has cut sugar from his diet after reading Sweet Poison, and how he has lost 20 kgs.

3: Fight for them

4BC Drive: Manly War Memorial 4BC Mornings: Why are veterans being duped on pensions? Retired Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss speaks with Greg Cary about Operation Aware to help veterans get fair pay. You can watch the video at www.standto.org.

4: PM allegations published

gillard 4BC Mornings: Government MPs have dismissed as opposition muckraking reports about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's departure from a law firm 17 years ago. News Limited has reported that Ms Gillard quit Slater Gordon as a direct result of a secret investigation.

5: Weather watching

BOM 4BC Mornings: Are you a weather watcher? Do you follow the BOM radar? If so, then you might be interested in Jeff Higgins from Higgins Storm Chasing talking with Greg Cary about some instable weather hanging around, dam releases, and what we can can expect this week end.

6: Bindi's bootcamp

bindi-thumb 4BC Breakfast: Daughter of Australian wildlife expert ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC about her new show making its debut this weekend on ABC3 Bindi’s Bootcamp! Listen now and comment.

7: PM has weeks left

gillard2-thumb 4BC Drive: In recent days, Political cartoonist Larry Pickering spoke to 3AW’s Derryn Hinch claiming he has information that will see the exit of Prime Minister Julia Gillard within weeks.

8: Kay Schubach

Kay Schubach 4BC Afternoons: Kay Schubach has been through a nightmare, and she has decided to release a book about it. Kay tells 4BC Afternoons about her violent relationship with Sydney socialite and love rat, Simon Lowe (now in jail) and her book about her experience.

9: Not looking after troops

diggers 4BC Drive: As politicians grant themselves another pay rise, retirees receiving military superannuation pensions are struggling. Former Joining John Scott, Royal Australian Air Force Officer, Peter Criss asks the question: “Why aren’t we looking after our troops?”

10: Steve Wozniak at Chermside

Steve Wozniak 4BC Breakfast: Apple co-founder and longtime iPhone enthusiast Steve Wozniak surprised iPhone fans by joining the queue outside the Chermside Apple store this morning. Wozniak joins the 4BC Breakfast show. Listen now.

32: The Heiner Affair

Heiner Affair aka shreddergate still in the news after 18 years 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks on the potential block buster that may reopen the alleged cover up of the dark past in Queensland history. Those interested in obtaining a copy of the document Attachment Two Exhibit Five, an audit of the Heiner Affair written by the QC Rofe, can do by clicking here.

51: Hot 30 prank call backlash

Mel and MC 4BC Mornings: Sydney radio station 2Day FM tried to contact London's King Edward VII Hospital several times to discuss its pre-recorded prank call.

80: Military pensioners struggle

army 4BC Mornings: Former Royal Australian Air Force Officer Peter Criss, talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings in response to Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan and the politicians pay increase as military pensioners struggle. Listen now and comment.

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John Miller Passes Away

John-Miller-Thumb 4BC News: Sadly, Brisbane radio personality, TV identity and 4BC statesmen, John Miller has sadly passed away overnight. He passed away late Friday night in the Royal Brisbane Hospital, nearly two weeks after a serious fall at his Brisbane home. Mr Miller was part of 4BC for more than a decade.

A true gardening legend

col campbell 4BC News: Brisbane Radio Icon and 4BC statesmen, Col Campbell has sadly passed away from cancer this morning. The 79-year-old passed away on the Sunshine Coast. Post your messages and memories.

Statement from the Hon Gary Hardgrave

Hardgrave Gary Hardgrave: “I can confirm I have received a letter which states the LNP State Executive have chosen to expel me from the Party. “This comes as a result of them taking exception to a number of comments I made in connection with my work within the media as a Radio Presenter for 4BC.

Dogs driving cars

dog 4BC Breakfast: "Rough" time on the roads? Let a dog do the driving. In New Zealand, dogs are being taught to drive - and they do amazingly well, even using the gearstick! Chris Kalin from the Auckland SPCA explains why.

Fluoride: the facts

Dental 4BC Mornings: Dr Paul Connett, Co Author of "The Case against Fluoride" tells Greg Cary why fluoride isn't safe to use in water anywhere in the world and why it shouldn't be in our water. Do you agree?

Apple Maps lost in Brisbane

Mildura Maps 4BC Drive: Victoria Police say a glitch in Apple's new iPhone mapping system is putting lives at risk by sending motorists into isolated parkland.

Julia Gillard: zombie fighter

Apocalypse Gillard 4BC Drive: Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recorded a video for national broadcaster, Triple J, as part of their "end of the world" celebrations. Gillard is relieved that she won't have to do Q&A again.

Problem: Station Road, Bethania

Bethania train 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave broadcasts live from the notorious level crossing at Station Road, Bethania. Gary catches up with Logan City Mayor, Pam Parker, Logan City Councillor Luke Smith and State Transport Minister, Scott Emerson.