Crazy Johns: the story

4BC Drive: Up to 300 jobs are at risk across Australia after Vodafone's announcement that it plans to shut down its Crazy John's mobile phone operation. Vodafone is expected to wind up the Crazy John's brand on February 20, more than 20 years after it was created by Melbourne entrepreneur John Ilhan.

Vodafone says it'll try to redeploy some of Crazy John's 300 staff to other parts of its business. Crazy John's customers are also expected to be incorporated into the larger Vodafone store and dealership network.

Vodafone bought the brand from Mr Ilhan's widow, Patricia, for an estimated 150-million dollars but has been struggling to keep customers due to poor network coverage.

Steve Dabkowski, the author of Jon Illhan: "A Crazy Life" joins Gary Hardgrave on the man who founded Crazy Johns.

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